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Why haven't autonomous vehicles arrived just yet? - We haven't solved the toughest problems!

Autonomous Vehicles need to address key safety related challenges before achieving widespread adoption.


IT-OT Convergence and Cybersecurity – New Landscape Necessitating New Approach

Systems Integrators will have to live up to their brand of being “integrators” by not only integrating systems but also teams.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging – Have you considered these risks?

Robust and accessible EV charging station infrastructure is a key enabler of EV adoption. It is, however, subject to various risks.

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Case Studies

From our engagements with Industrial Companies

Consumer Product Goods (CPG)

Bottling Plant Use Case


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Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse Interview

Key considerations for executives and board members undertaking digital transformation within their organizations.

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- CIO of $1B+Publicly-traded High-performance Engineered Material Company

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