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OT/IoT Cybersecurity

Our Operational Technology (OT)/IoT cybersecurity platform helps address 2X more risk with 70% cost productivity, providing up to 550% return on security investment, through an asset-based approach. It ensures highest accuracy in asset discovery, identity, and risk management to propel an organization towards Zero Trust Cybersecurity.

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Essential for business success

Cyber-physical systems with IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing in Industry 4.0 promises to deliver improved productivity, quality, and compliance. Increased interconnectedness and digital collaborations across a supply-chain can further reduce operational costs by at least 30%. The exponentially increasing connectivity involving OT/IoT poses cybersecurity risk related to safety, availability, and data security. Cyberattacks can disrupt your operations and create a ripple effect across the value-chain. In fact, a ransomware event leads to, on average, 2 weeks of business shutdown.

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Key solution elements

Our solution delivers the highest accuracy in asset discovery, identity, and risk assessment amidst the unique challenges present in operational settings involving diverse equipment, manufacturers, life cycles, configurations, and processes. The platform ensures that risk management takes place in compliance with NIST 800-82 standard while providing auditing, reporting, and governance capabilities. It also considers human factors in cybersecurity in addition to technical vulnerabilities. It is the most effective, cost-efficient, and adaptable solution designed to work across broad operational settings in a variety of industrial sectors.

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