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Enterprise Cybersecurity

Our comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use enterprise platform incorporates a risk-based approach in all phases of cybersecurity starting from assessment to response and recovery. It ensures compliance to relevant industry standards (i.e., NAS 9933, CMMC, AWIA/AWWA, NIST, NERC-CIP, PCI, etc.), includes advanced capabilities such as automated penetrating testing, matures cybersecurity practices, and provides a single pane of glass for enterprise cybersecurity management.

OT / IoT Cybersecurity

Our Operational Technology (OT)/IoT cybersecurity platform helps address 2X more risk with 70% cost productivity, providing up to 550% return on security investment, through an asset-based approach. It ensures the highest accuracy in asset discovery, identity, and risk management to propel an organization towards Zero Trust Cybersecurity.

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Product Cybersecurity

Our solution ensures excellence in product cybersecurity and leads to enhanced product quality and reduced liabilities. It incorporates a set of tools and best practices to deliver up to 65% cost productivity and takes an operationally focused approach to mature the capabilities in your organization.

Supply-chain Cybersecurity

Monitoring your business ecosystem for cybersecurity risk is vital. This unique platform helps assess and incorporate supplier cybersecurity posture into enterprise cybersecurity management, supply-chain planning, and supplier management to reduce business and supply-chain continuity risks.

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We understand your operational priorities

Our solutions incorporate industry specific operational nuances.

Professional Services

Our consulting services can help in developing your cybersecurity strategy, resource allocation plan with an ROI-mindset, robust cybersecurity program, governance structure, operational technology (OT) as well as facility system cybersecurity-specific policies and processes, and IoT life-cycle management strategy. Your surge resource needs can be supported by our staff augmentation service.

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Learning Management

How effective is your current training program? Our game-based microlearning platform increases learning retention to 95%. Our learning management platform, incorporating this proficiency-focused approach, can significantly improve cybersecurity IQ in your organization and reduce overall risk considering that more than 85% of cyber-incidents involve human-factors.

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Professional Services
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