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C-suite’s Guide to OT Cybersecurity

One of the prevalent organizational and personal liabilities faced by executives and boards is in relation to cyber risk. While companies have relatively mature cybersecurity practices on the IT side, the operational technology (OT) cybersecurity still remains underdeveloped, adding to the overall risk. The reasons include a lack of clarity on roles and accountability for cybersecurity in organizations, a lack of required blend of OT and cybersecurity skills, underdeveloped cybersecurity tools and processes, etc. Many of the OT systems and devices were also not developed with cybersecurity in mind. This whitepaper serves as a guide for the C-suite in building cost-efficient and effective OT cybersecurity.

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Risk-based Approach to Managing EV Charging Station Cybersecurity

The Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure anticipates significant growth to support increasing EV demand. At the same time, these EV charging stations face many cybersecurity related risks ranging from the loss of personal identifiable, billing, or financial information to compromise partner networks, damage to battery or other EV components, compromise life safety systems, malfunctioning EV supply equipment (EVSE), and bulk system frequency increase. EV adoption without robust cybersecurity could bring considerable risk in terms of availability of asset and infrastructure, safety of people, and confidentiality. This paper discusses best practices and a cost-efficient approach of managing EV charging infrastructure cybersecurity risk.

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Product Security Competency Development Model

Product cybersecurity efforts require a blend of skills across various areas. Finding such broad capabilities in individuals to realize excellence in this area is found to be difficult. With product cybersecurity becoming a core competency that all product companies must have, this whitepaper serves as a guide for competency building efforts.

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