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Enterprise Cybersecurity

Our comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use enterprise platform incorporates a risk-based approach in all phases of cybersecurity starting from assessment to response and recovery. It ensures compliance to relevant industry standards (i.e., NAS 9933, CMMC, AWIA/AWWA, NIST, NERC-CIP, PCI, etc.), includes advanced capabilities such as automated penetrating testing, matures cybersecurity practices, and provides a single pane of glass for enterprise cybersecurity management.

Essential for business success

Cost-effective cybersecurity is a key enabler of digital-driven transformation in all sectors including manufacturing, aerospace and defense, utilities, retail, food & beverage, education, and hospitality. A ransomware incident can cost as much as 4 – 6% of annual revenue. Our solution provides you with the most effective defense in your single or multi-unit environment, reduces your legal and regulatory liabilities by ensuring the comprehensiveness in cybersecurity as per industry specific regulations, and helps in building a culture of security by maturing cybersecurity practices and reducing cost by maximizing resource utilization.


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Key solution elements

This easy-to-deploy solution includes a continuous assessment-and-exposure-based approach, incorporating all relevant assets, processes, people, and business-settings, and ensures that the right risks are identified, prioritized, and managed in a timely manner. It offers flexibility to accommodate a diverse set of operations across multiple locations while providing centralized governance in support of your Board of Director’s risk oversight process. The platform also includes industry leading capabilities in incident management, disaster recovery, and post-incident investigation support.

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