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Product Cybersecurity

Our solution ensures excellence in product cybersecurity and leads to enhanced product quality and reduced liabilities. It incorporates a set of tools and best practices to deliver up to 65% cost productivity and takes an operationally focused approach to mature the capabilities in your organization.

Essential for business success

Cybersecurity risk originating from a connected vulnerable product within a mission critical infrastructure can far exceed its cost. The risk is not only associated with its own availability and functionality but also the entire connected network. Ensuring the security of data that a product or the associated network contains or outputs is often very important. Cyber incidents can be costly and brand damaging for both you and product end-users. Hence, excellence in product cybersecurity is a differentiator and can deliver growth as well as pricing power as made evident by new regulations such as the Cybersecurity Labeling Scheme (CLS) and IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020.


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Key solution elements

Our platform identifies security vulnerabilities in your products, prioritizes the vulnerabilities for remediation, and ensures timely release of remediating controls and vulnerability scores. The built-in reporting capability can help you govern the end-to-end process for quality and liability management. ResiliAnt can build or support your product cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CoE) covering the full portfolio of your network connectable products and deliver up to 65% cost productivity.

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