ResiliAnt Platform Created By Community

Created by Community

What You Are Looking For

Developed by a team of passionate IT, engineering, software architecture and cybersecurity experts with broad business experience. Built for all types of businesses in a variety of industries. 

ResiliAnt Platform Designed With You in Mind

Designed with You in Mind

Architected For Industrial Organizations

Built from scratch to meet unique IoT/OT as well as IT-IoT-OT converging network needs, considering a predictive risk-and-attack vector-based approach for each business's unique operational threat profile.

ResiliAnt Cybersecurity Platform is Comprehensive


Designed with a Holistic Solution in Mind

We have taken the effort to build a comprehensive risk management solution that considers vulnerabilities at device, network, process and policy levels and balances effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability in changing environment.

The Cybersecurity and Risk Management Platform

ResiliASSETS for Inventory Visibilty


Develop and manage accurate inventory and device level security posture over the life cycle

ResiliANALYTICS for Cyber-Risk Modeling

Risk Modeling

Automated industrial equipment-specific risk modeling with trend analysis

ResiliSAFE for Risk Management

Security Control

Device specific security control plan

ResiliSAFE for Governance and Response


Ongoing risk management governance and reporting

ResiliEYE for Small Business

Enterprise cyber-security management platform

The Team

The team at ResiliAnt has a unique blend of experiences from a variety of business sectors.  The ResiliAnt's platforms leverage these experiences to deliver unconventional enterprise and IoT/OT cybersecurity risk management solutions that improve safety, availability and confidentiality in digitally transforming business environments.



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