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Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility

Our modular platform ensures cybersecurity of your entire value-chain starting from enterprise, OT / IoT, and product to supply-chain. And it delivers the best ROI.


Embedding cybersecurity in your organization's DNA

It is as much of a core to any business today as is quality.

How do you know if you have sufficient cybersecurity?

Knowledge of cyber-risk associated with all business processes and respective controls is the best way to ascertain that you have sufficient cybersecurity. How comprehensively and frequently do you assess your cybersecurity coverage?

Do you measure return on your cybersecurity investments (ROI)?

Poor mismatch of risk areas, controls, and effectiveness of tools leads to poor ROI and destroys enterprise value. How do you know that you have the best ROI?

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts?

It is one thing to know that you have sufficient cybersecurity controls in place and another to know that they are working effectively in the current dynamic environment. How do you know that your controls are working effectively?

What is the cost of inaccuracy in your cybersecurity efforts?

IDS, asset discovery and classification, vulnerability scanning tools, and similar products are notorious for their inaccuracies and require additional investments in validation. How are you ensuring that you have selected an approach that leads to the lowest cost in managing inaccuracies?

Cybersecurity Maturity.
Impeccable Reliability.

ResiliAnt enables the best ROI and excellence in both enterprise and asset-based OT / IoT cybersecurity.

We enable a risk-based approach in all phases of cybersecurity starting from assessment to response and recovery by adhering to relevant industry standards, maturing processes, and considering human-factors.

Cyber resilience is essential for business success


malwares discovered daily


increase in



incidents due to internal players


average cost of a cyber attack


weeks of average business shutdown

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We understand your operational priorities

Our solutions incorporate industry specific operational nuances.

Make your organization ResiliAnt

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