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Defense Electronics Case Study

Military Electronics case study.jpeg


An Ohio based defense electronics company supplies products directly to the US DoD and large prime contractors. The company’s customers are increasingly requiring it to be NIST 800-171 compliant. The company engaged a service provider in 2018 to perform a NIST assessment, but based on increasingly stringent customer requirements, the CEO felt the need to have an advanced cybersecurity assessment conducted and chose ResiliEYE by ResiliAnt.

Key observations

Despite completing a cybersecurity assessment just over a year earlier, the company had many vulnerable areas to address. Almost 47% of the network connected devices were vulnerable including the router and firewall. They also lacked many good practices such as encryption of backup data, a password management policy, a policy for system access management, etc. With social engineering led cyber-attacks increasing, the company could benefit from delivering cybersecurity awareness training to its employees. Given the nature of its business and vulnerabilities, a cyber-attack could pose risks to government classified information.

Defense Cyber Case_edited.png

With the use of ResiliEYE, the company is now managing cybersecurity proactively and comprehensively. They have remediated or mitigated many of the vulnerabilities with an ROI mindset and incorporated two-factor authentication for accessing critical systems.

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